Wintery Downers Grove Family Session | Figura Family

December 31, 2020

As we enter into our most blustery months, my calendar is slowly opening back up. I get it! Wintery Downers Grove family sessions are sometimes hard to do when it’s windy, snowing, or a combination of the two. I am so thankful that the weather played kind of nice for this family session because I am loving the entire vibe of these photos.

Stephanie wanted to grab some nice pictures with her sons Matthew and Andrew but left our session open for the boys to do what they wanted and really show their personality. Even though it was chilly, we quickly got to work and grabbed some great photos. This wintery Downers Grove family session happened at one of my favorite spots, and I love that the browns complimented Stephanie and the boy’s wardrobe choices perfectly.

The boys warmed up to the camera easily, and soon enough, they were relaxed and laughing. I love that we grabbed some shots of them, exploring nature and hanging out together.

Wintery Downers Grove Family Sessions are Perfect for Pre-Teens and Teens

I don’t know if you caught it, but a few weeks ago, I asked my Instagram followers some fun “this or that” questions. One of the questions “teens or snuggly newborns?”. The teens hardly got any love! And I’m not seeing it.

Okay, I love a squishy newborn and sweet toddler as much as anybody, but getting the chance to work with teens is equally as fun.

It might be because I’m the parent of teenagers, but there’s something about their humor, view on life, and just enough sass to keep me on my toes. Family sessions with teens don’t happen nearly as much as they should. Think about it: time is ticking, graduation is coming faster than we want to admit: now is the best time to force them to shower, put on clothes, and take some family pictures! I’m sure they will love it.