Why I prefer to schedule sessions around sunset

So you want to learn about golden hour, huh? It’s a pretty popular time of day for photographers to shoot. I’ll tell you what it is and why I prefer to schedule sessions around sunset to other times of the day.

You may or may not have noticed that all of my sought after availability for sessions is in the evening before sunset. I do have some daytime sessions available, but I prefer to shoot in the hours leading up to sunset. This is called the ‘Golden Hour.’ During this time, the lighting is absolutely perfect.

high school senior boy downers grove north photography session on parking garage roof sunset

The perks:

  • You get yummy light flares and beautiful soft light.
  • There are no soft shadows or squinty eyes from the blinding sun at high noon. I actually don’t shoot outdoors in the middle of the day…
  • In the summer, the weather isn’t too hot, so you’re able to relax a little better knowing there isn’t sweat running down your face or making stains on your shirt.
  • During Golden Hour, everything is warm and pretty and gives off a magical feeling.
  • I can also get some sweet silhouette shots as the sun is going down on the horizon.

As you prepare for your session, be mindful of the time of day you want to schedule your session. If you have a look you want or like certain images in my portfolio, we need to make adjustments to schedules sometimes and shoot during the best times of the day.

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