Do you know what the moms in your life really want for Mother’s Day? How special would it be to get her something that would last a lifetime? There are always the typical fall backs for your mom, you know the card, flowers and maybe even a brunch. But what if I told you mom’s really want a few other things? Your mom does want to be acknowledged on this day, I can tell you that! {even if she says she doesn’t…}


Here are a few different ways to show mom that you love her and care:

Handwritten letters from her loved ones, list what makes her so special to you.
One on one time, put those electronics away and do something together she wants to do.
Place some of her favorite items around the house for her to find, a new coffee mug {or wine tumbler}, pack of gum, a new magazine or book, small gift cards to places she goes to often.
Help her. With housework, pets and make sure everything is ready to go for her on HER day. Let her take the day off.
A gift certificate for a massage, I LOVE Sara Craig in Downers Grove.
A handmade memory box. Have the kids help make a cute box filled with written memories from each family member.
Have her favorite photo made into something she can use! A travel cup, a canvas with her favorite saying or even a collage to remember the past year.
Gift certificate for a car wash, house cleaning or meal prep service like Freshly {um, amazing!}
A monthly subscription box that she can enjoy each month while she has free time. What is her favorite things? Check out a few faves:
Stitch Fix
Sparkle Hustle Grow
Gift certificate to take my Rock Your Shots digital photography class together, this will give you two something to learn and practice ongoing.

Did this give you some good ideas on what to get your mom this Mother’s Day? I have one more idea and surprise! Gift mom a professional photography session with Summer Brader Photography to use by July 31st, 2018! If you purchase a special session for your mom by this Sunday, May 13th 2018, I will gift her a musical slideshow of all her images in her gallery! When you contact me, use the secret word MOM’S GIFT in the email subject line to redeem your special session for mom with the slideshow for her this Mother’s Day. Now if dad shows excitement to join in the fun and games for this session it will be even more special for her!

For Mother’s Day I am also offering a 15% discount on my next May 23rd Rock Your Shots digital photography class! Email me at to snag a spot for her or grab a gift certificate for a family session… you can’t lose with these ideas!

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