What do we wear?!

September 12, 2018

One of the biggest challenges we face when getting ready for our family session? What do we wear?!

I have so many questions from my clients on what do we wear, so I thought it would be great to put the what to wear in one place! Now, the first thing you need to do is identify YOUR STYLE and the feel you want to get out of your finished images. Are you classic, preppy, edgy, bohemian? I can direct you to sites I love and what would look great in photos, however you need to also stay true to what your style is and what your favorite color schemes are as a whole. Let’s get started!

1. start with mom

By starting with you, you will be able to build off of your outfit and colors. Kids and guys are way easier to shop for once you have picked out something you really love and feel comfortable in. What are your favorite shops and boutiques? I LOVE AnthropologieFrancesca’s and for maternity sessions Mama Bump Rentals is awesome!

2. pick your color scheme

When you consider your portrait clothing ideas, think about what kind of feeling you want for the overall scene. Let’s say your photos are being taken outside, in the fall, against a gorgeous backdrop of autumn leaves and some hay at sunset. If you want to blend in, pick warm colors like pink, red, coral, orange, yellow). If you want to pop – go in the opposite direction (green, violet, blue, etc). Here’s a little snippet to get you thinking:

  1. Warm Colors – colors that make us feel cozy! Think – pink, red, coral, orange, yellow.
  2. Cool Colors – colors that are opposite of warm (duh) and make us feel like we need to grab a scarf and a sweater. Green, blue, purple, violet.
  3. Monochromatic – very calm and soothing (varying shades of one color).
  4. Analogous colors – colors that promote happiness, and energy. These colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel (aka color buddies).
  5. Complementary – complementary colors give off lots of energy, but can be distracting if you aren’t careful. They are opposite and across from each other on the color wheel with a lot of contrast. Equal intensity but opposite. Watch yo self here.

Once you’ve chosen your two main colors, you can also pick an accent color. This may be seen in jewelry, belts, stripes in a tie, hair bows, and so on. Just remember not to go too crazy {mind your color families; their relationship; and harmonies} and NOT have everyone wear solid black or white – such a bummer when  that slips in. Think texture, depth, color and coordinating!

3. look to the kids

Now that you have what you are going to wear, let’s think about the kids. You want them to compliment you but not match you. This goes back to looking at your colors you have chose to go with and building off that. I won’t say that having a little girl and matching them isn’t the cutest and if you want to go that way and then have the guys coordinate with you, check out Ele Story and see what they have to offer!  I mean how can you resist these styles?! and of course Tea Collection!

Some other places I love to shop for kids outfits are Charlie & Grace in downtown Downers Grove {we do have some outfits in studio to choose from here!}, Janie & Jack, and of course Tea Collection!

4. now the main man {your significant other}

We all know your significant other probably doesn’t care much, so this is on you! So now that you have you and the kids done, this part will be much easier. I mean, we just have to tie it all together now! I guess you can say staying tried and true with the guy thing is smart and practical. They definitely need to be comfortable and be in something they would wear again, or we won’t be dealing with crabby kids but crabby partners! Trust me, seen it… so let’s check out some of the best places to look:

You can never go wrong with Banana Republic. J. Crew, and Boden.

I hope this helps you be well on your way to feeling more confident about pulling everyone’s style together for your upcoming session! If you ever need help with anything you can visit my Pinterest Client Style Guide Board or contact me anytime!  Happy shopping!




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