Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. The one day each year where calories don’t count, red looks great on everybody, and we’re just a-okay with a baby in a diaper and wings shooting people with arrows. I like Valentine’s Day just fine, but like millions of others, I don’t find the need to celebrate with a big production. Give me a heart shaped pizza, from Lou Malnati’s, my love, and sweats (watching Netflix) over a fancy dinner out any day, and I’m a happy girl. If you’re anything like me, then you might be wondering if there are any Downers Grove Valentine’s Day events (or anywhere in the suburbs, really). If you find yourself asking “what are some cute date ideas?”, this guide is for you! Rest assured, while we are navigating yet another pandemic holiday, there are still ways to celebrate the love in your life. Whether you’re a rose-petals-on-the-floor type of person or takeout-and-t.v. romantic, I have curated the perfect gifts for a romantic Valentine’s Day in Downers Grove for you to celebrate your loved one romantically (and local) this year.

Being a Downers Grove photographer, I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know many of our local small business owners in the surrounding area. Let me tell you, we have the best pick of gifts, food, drink, and more, right here in our community! This valentine’s look no further than outside your front door or online for some of the best gifts available. And if you’re a man, and you’re reading this hoping for some hints on what to buy the lady in your life, look no further. Your love will be thrilled to unwrap any of these Valentine’s Day gifts.

Evelyn Jane | Downers Grove

Bursting with beautiful handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and more, Evelyn Jane is the perfect stop for a Valentine’s Day gift as unique as your love.

For the Ladies

What’s better than a unique and beautiful pair of earrings?

Give me allllll the relaxing evenings in the bathtub!

For the Guys

This candle is guaranteed to grow a handlebar mustache instantly.

Card My Yard | Western Springs

Want to proclaim your love for everybody to see? The newest and most popular yard decorations are a far cry from the flamingos of our childhood. These days you can send any message you would like using Kelly Hartford with Western Springs’ most popular yard decor company: Card My Yard.

Core Interior and Design | Downers Grove

Has your love been swooning over endless HGTV marathons? Ready to make a change to your space? Core Interior and Design, a Downers Grove expert, will makeover your favorite spaces in your home some much needed zhuzh.

And let’s just take a second to talk about Gretchen’s Man Oil Fragrance candles, MY FAVE! Women and men love them equally.

Vagabond Botanical | Western Springs

Plants are having a moment right now. So much so that when my husband wants to pick up a little gift, he walks right past the grocery store display of bouquets and picks up a beautiful new houseplant.

I don’t blame him! Plants live longer, add beautiful elements into our home, and now that I try hard not to kill them, they are a fun added hobby.

Vagabond Botanical creates drought-resistant arrangements, so you don’t have to worry about watering them on a schedule. Here are a few that I would definitely swoon over on Valentines Day:

This Hoya is equal parts dramatic and sassy.

This Snake Plant is ready to impress you with how low maintenance it is.

Pops of color and a dried bouquet? Sign me up!

Alia Rose Salon | Westmont

Are you looking for something different than Valentine’s Day in Downers Grove? Head to Westmont and visit one of my favorite local salons!

Whether you are picking up a gift card for some extra pampering or heading there yourself before the big day, Alia Rose Salon is the kind of place that transports you and gives you a truly rejuvenating day at the salon. Alia Rose Salon is my go-to if I’m looking to discover the newest trends, most beautiful styles, and best experience when it comes to a new look!

Summer Brader Photography | Downers Grove

Valentine’s Day in Downers Grove would not be complete without a portrait session! Let your love be the star of the show, and schedule a Valentine’s Day event that they won’t soon forget. Give the gift of a session to your love just because. Don’t wait until a pregnancy, milestone, or even Christmas cards. Schedule a session to remember this exact season. I have various packages to choose from, making it the perfect, unique Valentine’s Day gift for all!

Lisa D Yoga + Fit| Western Springs

We all know one of the best love affairs is the one with yourself. I’m talking about self-care! Have you been craving a little more zen to your life? Lisa D Yoga + Fit is the perfect spot for you. If you are looking for an alternative to Valentine’s Day and want to spend time with your friends, you will love her high energy classes! She features class times to match your schedule, making it the perfect option if you are trying to balance your family, kids, or business, with your health.

Featuring online and outdoor classes, Lisa has all of the skills to help you reach your fitness goals and savasana.


BB’s Baby Donuts | Western Springs

Forget a box of chocolates this year. BB’s Baby Donuts is the perfect sweet treat for the loves (and littlest loves) in your life. Start Valentine’s Day off right with a dozen (or two) of their Bavarian Cream, Cherry Pie, or my favorite chocolate! Make sure to check out their menu for all of their amazing options. I would’ve added more here, but I’m drooling and had to tear my eyes away.

Spruce Supply Co | Pacific Northwest

Looking to pick up something classically beautiful (and a little kitschy) for the man in your life? I love Spruce Supply Co. for all of their fantastic manly outdoorsy gifts. This Adventurer Deluxe Gift Collection has all of the essentials for an evening under the stars (just add campfire).

Olive & Pearl | Cody, Wyoming

Of course, since we love to spend time in our second favorite place, Wyoming, I had to include my favorite spot in downtown Cody, Olive & Pearl.

Stocked with beautifully scented candles that beautifully adorn tables in our home, I always recommend picking up one (or five!).

Common Good Cocktail House | Glen Ellyn

Want to enjoy delicious cocktails (or pick up the mixers to make your own). I love Common Good Cocktail house for the perfect escape from a cold February in Illinois. Want to grab a couple of my favorites? Try “I Love it When You Call Me Big Paw Paw” or the “Stoic Survivalist” (or two). Pick up dinner (or just drinks!) and celebrate Valentine’s Day with classically beautiful cocktails that will make you forget that you are spending the night in.

Cheers to Cheese | Glenview

While it’s a little out of our community, an honorable mention must go to Cheers to Cheese. Charcuterie boards have become widely popular (especially since COVID has forced people to stay home). Cheers to Cheese are ready to transform a conventional cheese platter into a beautiful and delicious experience.

If you are planning on skipping the restaurant this year, you might find that these gorgeous cheeseboards are the perfect alternative (and what says “I love you more than food?”). If you plan an evening in with your love this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget a cheeseboard! Or, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, considering signing up for a virtual cheeseboard class (or having fun making your own!).


I think that this wraps up my Valentine’s Day in Downers Grove guide! What did I miss? Where will you be stopping first? Let me know in the comments or head over to my Facebook page to join the conversation. This week, I will also be adding all of these to a gift guide on Instagram for easy access!