Why Updating Your Headshot Is Important

January 7, 2020

We’ve all been there, questioning the importance of having a headshot. Every business professional will vouch, headshots aren’t just for actors! They help you stand out in a good way when applying for jobs, seeking clients, or even just maintaining your reputation in the business world. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem worth it to find a professional to take them, especially since you can take them yourself. Here’s some good tips on why you should seek out a professional photographer for your headshots.


It Maintains Your Professionalism

One of the first things people tend to notice when looking into your website or resume is what you look like, and a surefire way to keep them interested in your page is a great photo! Often, the photo you choose is the first impression people get, and you want to make a good one! Having a professional take that photo for you will ensure it is the best option you could’ve chosen. They’re pros for a reason!

Take a look at Michelle O’Donnells headshots that I shot earlier in October. She is a realtor from Western Springs and was searching for an update to her headshots that were 6 years old. Everything in the picture, from her outfit to the lighting, screams professional at what she does.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s entirely true! She looks trustworthy, dependent, and reliable. If we can see that from these headshots, anyone else can too!

People Tend To Study Faces

This is so true about every picture. People judge you based on how you look. If you have a great quality headshot, people will be more likely to make a connection with you. These pictures also tell your story, which is important!

Just looking at Michelle’s photos makes you feel as though you know her already, and that’s what a good headshot should be doing. It’s hard to get that quality from a non-professional photo.

You’ll Have Great Pictures For Social Media

An important part of maintaining your image is by branding. When you pay a professional to take your pictures, especially your headshots, you get many different photos, poses, and sometimes outfit changes. This is very crucial to branding your image. If every social media account has a profile picture of the same vibe, it will make people understand the type of person you are, and the version of you that you want to be seen.

Even if they are different pictures, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all have the same type of image, it will show people that you have it together, and you are a great professional. It will make them want to work with you even more! This headshot session will be a big addition to your social media life, and will get you more positive attention in the job world.

Plus you’ll have cute pictures of yourself in great quality!

I look forward to seeing all you all thrive in the professional world! Interested in getting your headshot done? Reach out and schedule a session with me!


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