5 tips for planning the perfect summer photo session!

You know that perfect summer photo session you’ve been dreaming of?

Doesn’t it seem like an amazing opportunity to capture your family, yet so much work at the same time? I hear you, I really do! I have a family of seven and know how difficult it can be to get everyone out the door in one piece, let alone camera-ready. As a mom of three plus two bonus kids, and photographer, I want to tell you something… your family’s perfect summer photo session isn’t as far-fetched as you think. I totally understand the overwhelming feeling that takes place when you want a perfect summer photo session, but can’t get past the thought of sweat, heat, and your family’s salty attitudes. Take a deep breath and follow my 5 tips for planning the perfect summer photo session; by the end of this post, you’ll be ready to book your own.


Planning the perfect summer photo session is actually no sweat!

1. Click with your photographer 

Knowing that your photographer’s style and personality is a match for you is key! Take the stress out of “what-iffing” by choosing a photographer that you feel comfortable with and who also has a consistent online portfolio for you to view ahead of time. Look (or ask) for samples of his or her work from other summer sessions. When you choose someone who is consistent, you will feel good from the get-go about the projected outcome for your own session. Ask your photographer for a pre-session consult call if he or she doesn’t offer one first. This will allow you to hash out any insecurities right off the bat and calm those nerves right down, or choose one that fits you better

2. Channel your inner fashionista

I mean…plan that wardrobe. I know you can do it! My styling app I provide my clients is your BFF when it comes to planning the perfect summer photo session. There are endless options featuring wardrobes in all color schemes and for all body types. You will find resources on coordinating colors that are photographer approved; integrating solids and patterns; dressing all ages; and how to accessorize without overdoing it. Save your outfits just for your session and email your choices over to me once you make your selections. Also, know that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe. You can coordinate perfect pieces from Target, just as well as from Free People. It’s all about sticking to some simple guidelines and staying focused on the end-result.


3. Three letters: S-P-F

While you don’t want to white-nose it through your session, be sure to watch your sun exposure for at least a week to 10 days prior to your session. Flaming red skin, turnpike tan lines, and peeling skin do not make for pretty pictures. Of course, these are all things that can be re-touched, but you will have a much better result if you can keep that skin in check.

4. Cheese is for mice

Your photo session should feel totally organic (read: no forced smiles). When it comes to planning the perfect summer photo session, sometimes no plan is the best plan. That’s right. Think of your time in front of the camera as family play time. Allow conversations to happen and laughter to abound; don’t force smiles; don’t pinch your partner so he’ll look at the camera…just be yourselves. The best photos are taken when life is simply happening. Make sure your photographer embraces this school of thought and you will be well on your way to the perfect summer photo session. Yes, I promise it’s possible.

5. Plan a summer photo session after-party

What’s better to follow the perfect summer photo session than a perfect celebration! Your family photo session will already be memorable, why not cap it off by heading to the park or enjoying ice cream sundaes together afterward. Every time you see your photos, you’ll be reminded of the time you spent together and memories made as a family that day. Besides, a little ice cream bribery never hurt anyone.

I hope you’re already feeling better about planning the perfect summer photo session.

If you keep my five simple tips in focus, you will be able to create an event that’s low key and meant to provide quality time together for your family. Who doesn’t need more of that? Ready to start with step 1? If you’re local to Downers Grove, learn more about how I can help you with that perfect summer session starting now.

Can’t wait to spend some time together freezing these memories in time for you!





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