Chris and Jessica’s last professional pictures were over eight years ago! A lot has changed for them in those eight years, including their most recent addition, sweet baby Felix, who was born last December. Jessica wanted to grab some summer family pictures that they could print and enjoy, and she didn’t want the pictures to appear still or awkward.

I love our Dupage county forest preserves for summer family pictures, because no matter the season, the backdrops are always amazing. For Chris and Jessica, the preserve gave us beautiful, lush growth for these summer pictures.

Felix was serving us the most dapper style in his suspenders and bowtie and was happy to give us some smiles and lots of that sweet, seven-month-old baby squish. Jessica wanted to make sure that we got a variety of pictures, including some of just her and Chris, and photographs of each of them with Felix. I love taking these types of photos because we’re able to really capture the dynamics between each person, as well as some great group pictures. 

When Jessica and I were first discussing the plan for this session, she let me know that sometimes professional pictures can be awkward for them, and they wanted some help posing. As you can see from these pictures, we were able to fully avoid awkward and embrace fun, easygoing, and natural. Look at their smiles! This summer family session was so fun!

Summer Family Photos Don’t Have to Be Awkward

It’s easy to be nervous about looking weird in professional pictures. It’s not a situation that we find ourselves in frequently. I encourage all of my clients to make the morning leading up to a shoot as lowkey as possible, to avoid arriving frazzled. After the first 10 minutes of pictures, we all relax, and then we’re able to capture authentic and personal pictures that you will cherish for years to come.