Styling yourself for headshots and branding sessions

March 9, 2021

So you’ve made the first step in scheduling your professional headshots, but have you thought about styling yourself for headshots? You’ve heard the saying, “Dress the part,” right? You want to be thinking about your attire, to make sure you are projecting the image you’d like to convey. After all, if you are an entrepreneur, you are your brand. Dressing the part will make you look professional, and as a bonus, you will be more confident in front of the camera!

Here are 6 tips for styling yourself for your headshots:

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone
If you’re not sure what your “best colors” are, there are several quizzes you can take online, like this one. This is a great thing to know for everyday dressing, but especially important for professional photos that you’ll likely use for a while. If you don’t have a shirt in one of your “best colors”, opt for a silk scarf worn over a neutral-toned sweater or shirt.

Stick with tailored, fitted clothing
Layers can be beautiful and add dimension to photos, but be mindful of the fabrics of the layers you are choosing for your photo, so that you don’t look bulky. No one wants to look bigger than they are! You can certainly wear a jacket or sweater, which are professional, appropriate options, but make sure they are tailored to your body. A thin, cashmere sweater or a fitted blazer are also great options.

Wear a flattering, appropriate neckline
A V-neck is typically most flattering on women for sweaters, if it’s not too low. Avoid turtlenecks; they tend to make it look like you have no neck in photos. If you wear a jacket or blazer, a scoop neck shell is flattering to wear underneath.

Choose prints carefully
Prints can add dimension and interest to a photo, but make sure the print isn’t too large, as it will make you look larger, and it will be distracting. You want your face to be the focal point, not your floral blazer, for example. Thin vertical stripes are flattering on a blazer, or a print on a silk scarf worn as an accessory can look nice. A textured tweed jacket is a good option as it adds interest without a distracting print.

Wear simple jewelry
The first thing you want people to notice when they look at your photo is your face, so make sure to wear simple jewelry that doesn’t “steal the show”. Your earrings should not hang more than an inch below your ear lobe, and a simple, classic necklace is best.

Think about how you want to convey your brand
All of these “rules” are simply guidelines. If you have a funky brand, or if you’re in the creative industry, there may be a little more wiggle room. For instance, if you are an artist, you may want to wear a bold, beautiful printed dress that embodies who you are, and reflects your brand. Don’t shy away from your personal style, and wear what you’re comfortable in, within reason ????

If you have any questions or would like assistance styling yourself, do not hesitate to reach out to me HERE

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