Can you just send the digitals?

August 21, 2018

You deserve more than someone who will just send the digitals.

This is one of the most common questions photographers receive before and after a session. Can you just send the digitals? Well, we sure can. However, your photographer (and I) want you to know that there’s so much more to your photo session than the digital images you receive. We know this, we live this, and you should too. When we schedule a session with you, it’s not about creating images to post on social media. No, no, my friend that’s just a bonus.

Your photo session is an investment.

When we consider an investment, big ticket items like cars, real estate, and jewelry come to mind. You may not consider your photo session an investment, but give me a second to convince you. When we schedule time together, that in itself is an investment. We’re creating an opportunity for togetherness in which memories will be made and preserved. How many times in life have you wished you could go back to a special time and place. How many times have you wished you had the images to go along with a great story you happen to be telling a friend. Countless times I’ve wished this in my own life, and I’m sure you’re no different. It’s time to get your images off the computer and use them as the tangible pieces of artwork they are.
When you ask your photographer to just “send the digitals” there’s a chance they’ll live in an email attachment forever. They may even get transferred to a USB drive and shoved into a junk drawer (or worse) lost in a move.

If you’re not sure what to do with printed photographs, your photographer (me!) can help you.

It’s my joy to help clients see why the option to “send the digitals” is just not good enough for them. It isn’t because we can’t, it’s because your photo session is worth seeing. You are worth relishing over. It tells the story of your family to everyone who comes to your home. Celebrate that, my friend! As your photographer, I will help you measure wall space so, together, we can pick the perfect images for your home. I’m a pro at selecting canvasses, prints and other products that will coordinate with and fit the scale of your home.
It’s my job to make sure you LOVE the outcome of your session for years to come. I’m pleased to help you with custom album design for your own use or for very thoughtful gifts (hint: grandma and grandpa love these things). All of the prints I offer are archival quality that are engineered to last for generations.
How sweet will it be, generations from now, when a smiling face sees your smile in their own? It’s priceless, my friend. So, next time you consider asking your photographer to “send the digitals” consider the fact that you are worth more. Your family now and in the future will thank you for taking the time to print off that gallery. Your children and grandchildren will reflect on those images fondly as they adorn the walls of what’s home.

Have I convinced you, friend?

I’m ready to help you have a memorable and special photo session. From my Complete Lifestyle + Portrait Session that comes with a 16×20 canvas, custom mobile app and musical slideshow of all your images to my Petite Portrait Session I have something for everyone’s wants and needs. Contact me now, and we’ll chat about the details and openings for a session customized to fit you!