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August 6, 2020

Aren’t you so glad that headshots no longer mean yearbook style squares of people’s faces? Professional headshots are a great way to get your brand out in front of potential customers while representing yourself and your personality in the process.

That’s what I loved about this session with Carolyn Ball and her team, certified counselors at Elevate Counseling in Hinsdale. Together, we were able to capture them in their natural element.

Carolyn, a recent transplant from Texas, is a self-proclaimed Tex-Mex loving, flip flop wearing counselor, who specializes in adult anxiety and depression. A lifelong learner, Carolyn loves to walk alongside her patients as they navigate stressful seasons of their lives. She is a compassionate, informed, and thoughtful counselor. Her patients love how they feel understood and heard when they’re with Carolyn. She’s praised for her genuineness in her practice.

I wanted to capture her compassionate and kind demeanor, so we set Carolyn in a couple of different spots at her office and had a few different outfit changes. This allowed us to get a lot of variety in the headshots without a lot of extra work. Indoors, Carolyn posed in the space where she regularly sees her patients. She added pops of coral to her outfit, which added interest to her photos and stayed within her brand colors.

headshots in hinsdale team of counelsors

Next, we moved outside, where Carolyn posed on the porch. I love the ability to take headshots inside and outdoors, allowing for the pictures to be more authentic and casual. Carolyn complimented the space in muted greens and blues, paying particular attention to not making the shot too busy with patterns or textures.


Headshots Tell a Story

Professional headshots don’t have to be boring; in fact, they shouldn’t be. As Carolyn demonstrated, headshots are a great way to tell a story without saying a single word. Her thoughtful accessorizing, fantastic office-space, and personalized touches, perfectly articulated her story to potential clients!

Now is the time to consider updating your professional headshots. Since more work is online now than ever, headshots are a great way to tell your story to potential customers, clients, or patients. Have an idea for a headshot session? Let’s talk!

beautiful branding headshot session in Hinsdale