Preparing for Your Newborn Photo Session

Preparing for your newborn photo session? Here are my five most frequently asked questions—and tips for your newborn photo session. Get ready for the cutest pictures ever!

1.  What Should Baby Wear?

Unless there is a sentimental or special outfit, don’t worry about how baby is dressed. A simple onesie or diaper (if you want those cute naked baby shots) will do just fine. We have a variety of wraps, baskets and other props we can utilize throughout the shoot. Make sure to keep the diaper loose prior to the session to avoid lines or red marks on the skin. Also, avoid socks which can also often leave marks on the skin.

2.  We’re Shooting In Our House. How Should I Prepare Before You Arrive?

Turn off the AC and any fans, and let the room get warm. Babies hate cold, especially when they’re naked! Also, turn off the TV, radio or any other distracting devices so we can focus, and the environment will remain calm and peaceful for baby.

3.  What Items Should I Have on Hand?

A Boppy or Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger is a great tool to have on-hand for sessions, as is a cushy blanket or two so the set can be comfy. Other items can be added as we see fit, but I do use your own items for sentimental purposes. Check out my portfolio for other newborn images and see what other parents are using! a go to for me is Sew Trendy, you can check them out HERE.  If you see something you like, let me know and I’ll be sure to coordinate it ahead of time. And if you don’t see what you had in mind, let me know. I work with a number of amazing vendors and can find just about anything!

4.  How Should I Prep Baby?

Make sure his/her belly is full—even if it means he/she will be a little sleepy at the start of the session, but try to stay on the schedule you have created for yourselves. I always leave opportunities to take breaks to feed and cuddle as we need them. Keep everything at home, relaxed and cozy the day of your session.

5. Anything Else I Need to Know?

While I will never leave baby unattended, I do ask that you stay near your baby with a hand on or near him/her at all times. If you’re not able to do so due to c section or any other reason, please have someone who can!


Lifestyle photography naturally lends itself to newborn photo sessions.

Think stunning, true-to-life crib and bassinet shots, candid moments and of course, plenty of shots with mom, dad, big brothers and sisters and even family pets. And, while they seem mundane now, some creative “every day” shots—changing the diaper (from a distance!), bathing, feeding, rocking and playing will be moments you’ll look back on in just a few short months, and be glad you captured these moments for life.

You can check out my gallery of maternity and newborn sessions to get a feel for my style.

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