Planning & Color Coordination | What to wear

Something that often seems overlooked when planning for your upcoming photoshoot is what to wear, especially when it comes to group sessions. Whether it’s children, entire families, or groups of friends, planning what to wear and what color scheme you want is important.

Each photographer wants you to get the most out of your session, and it would be upsetting if every photo has one person as the main attraction, instead of the being able to focus on the group as a whole. For example, you wouldn’t want everyone wearing fall colors and having one person wearing neon, or visa versa.

Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to avoid pictures that don’t meet your standards.

Remember The Season

Keeping in mind the current season, picking outfits on par with already existing color schemes is a great way to coordinate! Summertime is great for very pigmented and fun colors, whereas fall is more muted and dark. Knowing what season you’re shooting in can help let everyone pick their own outfits that fit the general tone, especially if you’re going to be outdoors.

Coordinate Each Other

An easy way to avoid a fashion catastrophe would be to simply coordinate. The image below is a great example of this. I just love how the men of the family wore blue shirts. Each shirt has a slightly different secondary color, but are still within the same tones of brightness. Instead of matching with them, the ladies opted for a pops of earthy tones, which complimented the rest of the family perfectly. No one stands out too much in each portrait, which is exactly what you want when taking a group photo.

Ask Your Photographer

When in doubt, ask your photographer. If they don’t already send you some information about what to wear and how to dress, don’t hesitate to ask! Here are some other things you should be asking photographer as well.

When taking color coordination and planning into consideration, you’re guaranteed to have amazing pictures at the end of your session


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