You guys all know I absolutely love doing family photo sessions, especially since my little ones are not-so-little now. I had the pleasure of being able to capture the lovely Kostelny Family over Hinsdale, IL, and there couldn’t have been a better location!

Lauren and Ben were such joyful people to work with! Their chemistry between one another made their pictures outstanding and full of love. Adding their kids James, Raelynn, and Claire into the mix really brought out the connection and the bond they all have together.

I especially adore the picture of the three of them sitting on the blanket. These kids really seem to love having each other as siblings. Each of them really brought out the best in themselves. Their personalities shine through in their individual shots as well. Taking pictures with kids isn’t easy, but these guys were very prepped and ready to have their pictures taken!

My favorite part about the simple props is the white chair and how it contrasts with the crisp colors of nature in the background. The colors really help make the children stand out in every picture!

Seeing everyone having fun together and being able to capture those candid moments was a lot of fun, and makes these photo sessions totally worth it! Each and every shot are sure to make both great gifts and unique decorations to add to their home.

It just brings me such joy to see these families being happy and loving together, and to be able to capture that is truly magical.

XO Summer