Newborn In-Home Lifestyle vs. Studio Sessions

If you are pregnant and looking at this page, it’s safe to assume that you’re trying to decide where the best spot to capture those early newborn days is. The fact is there are so many great places to have a newborn session, whether at home, in a studio, outside, in the hospital, or somewhere special to your family; newborns are easy to transport! So why do so many parents opt for a newborn in-home lifestyle session? Is it better than a studio session?

You may or may not know this, but I have a studio in my home. I happily snapped newborn photos in my studio in the past, where I could control the lighting, props, basically everything, to make sure the pictures were perfect of the slumbering babies in the shots. When COVID hit, I stopped scheduling sessions in my home and started working even more with families in their own homes.

Over the past year, I have fallen even more in love with the newborn in-home sessions that I have been able to shoot (Check out a few of my favorites, here, here, and here). The reason? Even though the lighting might not be perfect, and all of the props might not be there. Even though I have to work around furniture, siblings, and pets, in-home lifestyle sessions are so much more unique and personal to the family in the shots.

Newborn In-Home Lifestyle Sessions Tell a Story

One of the biggest benefits of a newborn in-home lifestyle session is that I can capture exactly what life looks like. Acting almost like a shadow, I will move around the home with you and your baby, snapping photos of what your life actually looks like.

Cradling the baby in the rocker by the window? Check.

Snuggling up on the couch, savoring a few quiet moments? Check.

Talking with your cat because they aren’t the baby anymore? I’ll be there clicking away.

Lifestyle sessions are different from studio sessions because while you’re still being posed, the story is completely unique to you, your family, and your home. If you are looking for a session that is natural, easygoing, and low stress, you will find a lifestyle session to be the perfect option!

Comfort is Key

One of the biggest differences between a newborn in-home lifestyle session and a studio session is my clients’ overall comfort. When you’re at a studio, you have to be prepared for any disaster, including:

  • Baby spitting up
  • The baby is having a blowout.
  • Baby spitting up and having a blowout on your shirt
  • Having to take a break to feed or change the baby.
  • Having to take a break to feed or change your husband.

Okay! That last is a joke (hopefully), but you get my point. And don’t forget: extra bottles, pacifiers, any special lovies, and the list goes on and on. In a studio, you may bring an outfit change or two for the baby, but if something more happens that you haven’t planned for, it might make the session stressful.

When you have a newborn in-home lifestyle session, all of these comfort items are an arms-reach away. If the baby has a blowout or needs to eat, parents can walk the ten steps to the other room and get the baby exactly what they need.

When babies are happy, parents are happy. When parents are relaxed, the pictures are always better.

Create a Lasting Memory

Some of my favorite posed photos during a lifestyle session are the ones of the entire family sitting on the porch, stairs, or in the doorway of their home. I can close my eyes and imagine that in 20 years, when the babies are all grown up, maybe heading to college. The house has been sold and the rug replaced because of one too many potty training accidents, that these pictures will serve as a snapshot of those early days of sleepless nights, soft whimpers, and toys with the most annoying songs playing at all hours.

When a newborn in-home session is scheduled, I am given the key to create a time capsule that can be enjoyed for decades to come. I love being able to snap photos of the baby’s nursery (and all of the little details you added to make the room perfect). There’s something so special about capturing your animals, curious about the baby, lazily snoozing in the photos next to you.

Schedule Your Newborn In-Home Lifestyle Session Today

Photography trends have changed over the past 10-20 years. While we can remember having to head into the studio for family pictures when we were kids, nowadays, photographers are confident in capturing families outside of the studio.

The result? Family pictures that are more natural and timeless. If you are debating between a newborn in-home lifestyle session and a studio session, consider this: lifestyle sessions are a more natural way to capture newborns in a low-stress environment. I still take time to shoot all those sweet baby rolls, cheeks, and curls, but in a way that you will want to look at for years to come.

Did you know that I offer maternity, newborn, and milestone packages? These options allow you the freedom to capture the biggest parts of the first year of your baby’s life– perfect for making memories, building baby books, or simply documenting how much changes in a year. Interested in learning more? Check out this link or send me an email!

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