Gosh, I love shooting a family in their homes, it adds a certain level of intimacy, doesn’t it? I loved getting to catch up with the Pratt family in the afterglow of the birth of their precious baby girl. I met with them at their home in Naperville and got right to work with their newborn session!

Don’t you love how they coordinated the blues in her swaddle? It’s so unexpected, but it just pops. The more you look at the pictures, the more you see this cobalt pop throughout their decor and outfit choices. It’s so striking and so them.

Aren’t newborn sessions so special? There’s something I love about seeing how each family prepares for these sessions. I love seeing how parents lovingly tend to their babies and know that one day these babies will grow up and look back at these pictures, I wonder what they’ll say? (Probably something along the lines of, “Wow! You guys looked good”).

This newborn shoot in Naperville was equal parts intimate and fabulous. With all of the cute details (including those bow headbands), I loved how Josephine opted for that metallic eyeshadow, which she wears perfectly. Speaking of Josephine, can you believe she just had a baby? Gosh, she looked stunning!

Getting to shoot at the Pratt’s home in Naperville also meant that everybody was a little more relaxed. And you can tell in the pictures, that everybody is at ease, enjoying their time and soaking up those sweet baby girl snuggles.

Home is Where the Heart is | Naperville Newborn

There are not many places that a newborn shoot makes more sense than at your home. I love thinking about how special it is that these sessions happen in the home where baby first came after being born. Plus, when we shoot at home, we still have the option to pop outside for photos as well, without the stress of meeting on-location.