Naperville Family Lifestyle Session | Hicks Family

March 4, 2021

Anybody else get so busy that you sometimes let family photos fall by the wayside? So many of the families who I work with fall into the same trap! I get it! Life gets so busy, and then one day, you wake up and realize that it’s been three years since the last time that your family was scheduled for some updated lifestyle photos. Since it had been a while, the Hicks family was looking for some new beautiful family photos (featuring their dapper Lab, Stanley), and we headed to one of my favorite spots in Naperville to remedy their family session drought!

You have to love a session where each person’s personality shines through as clearly as the Hicks family session. I love that Rayne is wearing those bold leggings (especially because one of her favorite things is fashion!). The whole family enjoys spending time outside (Nolan is a Boy Scout and loves to camp), and so this spot was the perfect place for them to feel natural and in their element. Even Stanley showed up wearing his best bandanna and goofy dog grin.

Naperville Family Sessions for Busy Lives

Did you know that a family lifestyle session doesn’t have to take up the entire day? In fact, all of my sessions are about an hour long and for a good reason:

•Parents and kids alike get bored with sessions that are too long. We start losing those great smiles and good attitudes if we push the limit.

•As the sun moves through the sky, the lighting is more or less favorable. Too much time for a session means that some of the lighting is going to be bad.

•Families are busy and don’t want to spend an entire day capturing photos!

Rest assured that when you book a session with me, we will take the perfect amount of time for your session to snag fabulous pictures without taking too much time out of your busy life!