Listen, I know what you’re thinking. I’m a mom as well, and I dislike being in the pictures as much as the next, but getting in these photos will have better benefits than you realize. We’ve all had those days where pictures are coming up and we feel as though we aren’t looking the best. Whether it’s a bad hair day, you can’t find an outfit, or you just aren’t feeling confident. Regardless of the reason, that shouldn’t stop each and every mother from jumping into the shot with your professional, and here’s why.

they know how to make you look and feel your best

We are professionals for a reason! We want you to enjoy your pictures as much as we enjoy taking them. There will never be a photographer that will go out of their way to make you look bad. Part of our job is making you happy and providing a great service, and we will most definitely go above and beyond to make you look fabulous in every picture.

family pictures should have the whole family

These pictures will make you and your family super happy down the line if all of you are in them. We’ve all been there, where we see an amazing picture with everyone but ourselves and we end up feeling left out. These photo sessions are not the time for that!  Our goal as professionals is to make these memories ones worth keeping, and we want everyone in them! Even if you’re having an off day, years down the road you will look back at these photos and be grateful you got in them.

your kids will like them in the future

Your kids will appreciate them just as much down the line, and will be super happy that they have pictures with mom, even if they don’t realize it now! They might seem super against taking their pictures with you, but when they are older, they will wish they had more than they do! Even jumping in a few shots would make their life when they’re older. Plus, you’ll never have enough pictures with you and your kiddos!

Ready to book that family session? Reach out to me, and I’m sure we can plan something you’ll love to be a part of as well!