This session was a all about little kids and rock and roll for a special wall art project.

The topic of discussion for today is none other than the Seidelmann kids, a wonderful and super clan from La Grange. If the names or faces look familiar to you, it’s because I’ve photographed this family before.


creative portrait photography

How stoked was I when I got an email from Melissa and Jeff saying they wanted to book a session with their children for a wall art project. Clearly I remember when they have booked me to take their maternity and documentary session to memorialize their move from their home in Oak Park to La Grange. I was happy to know that they enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed them!

“These are everything I wanted and MORE!!! These pics are soooooooo perfect! You did it again!!!” says Melissa. I’m so honored!

From oldest to youngest, we have Henry and Charlie. I love working with these boys, getting to know them and watching them grow.

As expected, Mom and Dad did a wonderful job preparing them for their session. They were going for a fun session to create large prints for a wall in their house. How can you not love these rocker t shirts from H&M?!

Because my last session with the Seidelmann‘s went so well, I knew it wouldn’t be any different this time around. And I was right! Check it out for yourself:

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