Just like peanut butter and jelly. Or Nutella and pretzels. This session combines one of the most classic combinations: little boys and trains. The Seidelmann family met me at the train station, and despite being a chilly winter afternoon, we have a blast taking pictures! This downtown La Grange family session was so much fun, and the boys loved watching the trains as we happily chatted throughout our session.

Many families like to include special items in their sessions. I’d be willing to argue that a train station is my biggest item to date. I love how the boys watched the trains closely and talked to their parents about them. If you look closely, you can even see that it was hard to tear their eyes away from the trains while we were shooting by them. 

The Seidelmann’s have been trusting me with their family pictures for a few years now, and so it’s even more special when we have a session! It feels just like friends catching up.

It’s no secret that another classic combination is photographers and the coveted golden hour, and this session was drenched in those glowy golden rays we all hope for in a later afternoon session. The boys were so easygoing, as always, and we were able to create some fabulous pictures of the whole family.

La Grange Family Sessions Make Great Momentos

Like I said, having worked with the Seidelmann family before, I have the honor of documenting their lives through the ages. What a gift to be able to continue to watch their little boys grow, develop, and maybe one day even fly the coop!? (Let’s not talk about that yet!).

If you are looking for a way to create lasting beautiful memories with your family, consider a La Grange family session. These sessions are perfect for timelessly beautiful pictures that you can treasure for years to come.