Finding inspiration in your work can be challenging sometimes, especially when it seems like you're doing the same thing over and over again. If you've read my other blog posts, you'll know that October was full of adorable, family photo sessions. The thing to remember about these sessions is that each family is different! The way I find inspiration through family photo sessions is by connecting with the families I work with. I often take the time beforehand to find out a little bit about them so the shoot feels more personal when the day comes.

One of the lovely families I had the pleasure of shooting this fall in Hinsdale was the De Guia Family. Patrick and Cristina were such amazing people to work with, and their nine month old son, Finn, was so cute! Part of that connection is also between the kids and their parents. It's where I seek out a lot of my own inspiration! Watching the bond between mom and child, or dad with child, and being able to capture that for these families is something that makes me love what I do. Just look at the sheer happiness Cristina and Patrick have with their son!

happy family with baby outdoors in Hinsdale

I absolutely adore every candid shot that shows the true emotional bond children have with their parents. It's inspiration like that, that makes me load up on family sessions! It's sheer cuteness all the time! Not only that, but each picture has an unstaged feel to it. Even if the photo is posed, that genuine connection and emotion between the happy family makes the pictures all that more special.

If you're finding yourself doing a lot of the same in your daily work life, try look for the little bits of happiness for your own inspiration!

Interested in learning more about family sessions? Don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Now, see more inspiring pictures of the De Guia's!