How I use Dubsado to manage my business

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After years of using multiple spreadsheets, I decided to streamline and use a customer relationship management system, also known as a CRM. There are a few similar systems out there, which I have tried several, but Dubsado wins all around.

The simple and easy layout, as well as its ease of use, meant that it didn’t take me long to get set up and be ready to go. The Dubsado team provide extensive help on their website, with helpful tutorials and webinars. But what really drew me in was their customer service and Facebook group. I joined the group before I made the decision to purchase the annual plan, and I was instantly blown away by how great their community is. Each question is answered not only by someone from the team (usually the owners, who are a husband and wife team), but also loads of other Dubsado users, who have been a lot of experience to share. This support network is absolutely invaluable and I have often had my questions answered by another helpful user as soon as I posted. Not only that, but all the users rave about Dubsado and their customer support – something that’s hard to come by these days. The team also take into consideration all user suggestions for new features, ensuring that your voice will be heard when it comes to shaping the development of Dubsado.

Above and beyond all the tedious steps

Before the days of Dubsado, I used to use multiple programs and spreadsheets to complete my online client contracts, including but not limited to a financial spreadsheet, a proofing system, a way to send my contracts and physically sending invoices and reminders. Who has time for that? Not me as I got busier and busier!

With Dubsado, I have a workflows where all of this is triggered automatically once the client contacts me through my site. A lead workflow is then kicked off to send them all the info they need and follow up accordingly to be able to seal the deal. Once the client confirms they would like to book, it then kicks off my client workflow all the way through the end of our project. I can’t explain how helpful this has been. It’s meant that I’ve been able to do all of this on the go, on boarding clients even while on vacation, as it only takes a couple of minutes to set the job up, and you’re ready to go! The system also allows you to send beautiful client proposals, portals, as well as questionnaires to collect information prior to the session. In the past, I even had to use a separate website to create my questionnaires. Now, it’s all in my workflows and set to send a specific number of days before their project. One less thing for me to remember!

Let’s go over some of the main features in Dubsado I use in my business that you can implement as well

1. Branding – this is where you will add your logo, brand color, and contact info

2. Payment processing – connect your payment processor so your clients can pay you on invoices quickly and easily

3.  Emails – this is a fave! connect your email account so any outgoing emails from Dubsado come from your email address and not Dubsado’s and have them all in once place in Dubsado

4. Calendar and scheduler – connect your calendar to import and export your events and jobs as well as have an online scheduler to send to clients or embed on your website to easily schedule with you

5. Your dashboard – this will show all of your alerts, financial goals, open invoices, revenue indicator, recent jobs that need your attention, calendar, financials and your tasks

6. Client portal – you and your clients have access to everything related to your job in once place, including – invoices, client info, job name, date and time, emails, contracts, invoices, proposals and questionnaires

7. Lead and client workflows – this is where you can send items automatically or have them be approved to be sent. This is where it really streamlines your business and buys you time back.

Where do you think Dubsado can help you and your business?

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