Hinsdale Family Photos | Ehman Family

October 6, 2020

I had the opportunity to meet the Ehman family recently for quick Hinsdale family photos! I had a blast capturing this beautiful family and loved working with them.

It was a really special time to get outside for these Hinsdale family photos!

There is something special about this part of fall when it’s still warm enough to wear dresses, but the colors have started to fade into the moody oranges and reds that make pictures glow. Plus, families don’t have to be bundled up in coats and mittens just to get their photos taken.

I love that Kristina went for her burnt orange dress while keeping Ella and Max in cream. Jordan’s navy blue polo polished the entire family’s look off. They all compliment each other so nicely without it being too busy to look at. I cannot get over Ella and Max in the photos with the flowers. Something about how they stand out against all of the yellows and whites of the flowers is so peaceful and beautiful! 

The whole session felt simultaneously classic and rustic.

Hinsdale Family Photos Shouldn’t Feel like a Chore

In today’s day and age, families are so busy being pulled in a million different directions. That’s why I schedule my sessions in a time frame that will work for your family! The great part about a session with me is that we won’t be wasting your time looking for spots, posing, or standing around.

Since we spend time before the session talking about clothing options, style preferences, and locations that meet the needs of your family, on picture day, we get to jump right into taking pictures!

This means that kids won’t get restless, parents won’t get frustrated, and your valuable time will be maximized while taking photos.

Thank you, Ehman family, for entrusting me with your Hinsdale family photos! I had so much fun working with you!