This Hinsdale family photo session with puppies truly is the ultimate combination for maximum cuteness. Lots of people seem to be hesitant about bringing their dogs along for their family sessions, but that puppy is as much family as you are! Being a dog mom myself, I just love doing sessions with families, and with their puppies as well! The Bunick Family brought their adorable dog Senna along for the shoot. In combination with their 4 month old little ~C~, each photo definitely achieved the maximum amount of adorableness.

Nicola and Peter were pretty adamant about not being the best at candid pictures, but they sure proved me wrong! Especially with the shots on the blanket.

This Hinsdale family photo session couldn’t have been a better location! Their outfit coordination really pulled out the colors in nature, and little ~C’s~ pastel pink made her shine! I loved that the blanket matched as well! It’s sessions like this that really add to why I love my job. (And why I do so many family photo sessions!)

Nicola and Peter were wonderful to work with! If you want to have adorable pictures like these for your family, then take a look at my sessions and contact me! I can’t wait to see the outcome of the Bunick’s Christmas cards!

XO Summer