Great locations that are right for you

Great locations are one of the most important pieces of setting your family’s photo shoot.  The location you select will set the stage for the entire session and will be an essential piece of every shot, pose and, ultimately, the finished product. I recommend picking a spot that’s special to you, either a spot you love, somewhere you frequent or a place that best represents you and your family.

After you’ve narrowed down the list, it’s important to think about some key logistics: are there restrooms? Is the distance from the parking to the actual shoot location far? If so, pack comfy shoes for everyone! Will there be places to change outfits, retouch hair and makeup and relax between shots? Will there be crowds nearby—and, if so, are you comfortable shooting in front of others?

I’ve seen great locations everywhere from backyards to baseball fields, lakes to open meadows. I know the area well and can help make recommendations based on your family’s unique needs, personalities and inspirations, as well as time of day of your session.

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