Fusaro Family | Wheaton Phototographer

March 24, 2020

I always enjoy capturing families in forest preserves. The wide open fields make for great candid shots of children playing and having fun, just like in these photos from the Fusaro Family session. Anne and Tony had such a wonderful shoot. With kids as bright and energetic as Henry and Teddy, it’s no wonder each photo turned out as fantastic as they did.

If you don’t know the Wheaton area very well, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities for photo sessions. One of my personal favorites is the Danada Forest Preserve. This lovely area has multitudes of backdrop options to choose from! From beautiful trees and bushes to farm style fences and arches, there are so many places to get the pictures you’re looking for. The Fusaro Family really owned this Preserve during their photo session!

I love the contrast of their bright orange vests against the dark fall foliage at the Preserve. It also helps bring out the amazing personalities of these kids! The family pictures turned out just as well, and their adorable dog posed for each photo as well! Part of my favorite thing when it comes to family photo shoots is seeing the chemistry everyone has with each other. There is so much love inside this family, and it shines through in each photo!

The Fusaro Family has such a fun energy, and you can see it in every candid shot they took. I just loved having this session with them and look forward to more family sessions like this soon!

XO Summer