These “Fresh48” shoots are always a blast to do! In case you didn’t know, a Fresh48 shoot is a package within my Maternity & Newborn sessions. If interested,  I will capture the first few days of life with you and your newborn while still in the hospital. This past fall, I had the pleasure of being able to provide the Ingargiola Family with these wonderful photos!

Lisa and Umberto welcomed their second daughter in November! I am extremely grateful that I got to help capture those first, intimate moments of her life. Valentina is a bundle of joy, even in her first few days of life. I loved being able to capture this family’s happiness in welcoming a new addition! Take a look at Lily, their eldest. She just looked so happy holding her new baby sister in the hospital!

One of my favorite parts of doing these sessions is being able to capture the newborn in her hospital bed, surrounded by her loved ones. Something I love being to add is a little name card.  It adds to the overall cuteness and wholesomeness of the moment. Plus, it makes for adorable memories (perfect for scrapbooking)!

Interested in scheduling a Fresh48 session for your own incoming newborn? Check out my Maternity & Newborn Lifestyle Sessions! Capturing these precious moments is important for every family, so make sure you get the photos you deserve! Now, back to more baby Valentina, looking adorable in a basket: