I absolutely adore photographing family sessions with kids in their prime. Both Zach and Karen were wonderful as always. Seeing everyone truly enjoy the location and being genuinely themselves is something that makes each picture unique! The Frazier family came out to a prairie right by their home here in Downers Grove for their fall family photos. With their love of being outdoors, this location couldn’t have been more perfect!

Little ~C~ and ~S~ both shined through and made entire session feel full of sunshine and warmth, despite the cooling weather. I just loved how their outfits contrasted with the autumn vibes throughout the park.

Having everyone from the Frazier family come together and letting the kids be kids is one of my favorite parts of these family sessions,. I just love seeing the chemistry between loving parents and their fun, happy children.

Getting young kids to behave during a session is not easy, but don’t worry! I have plenty of tips on how to prepare both yourself and your kids on how to make this magic happen! If you want your family photos to be this exciting and energetic, reach out to me and we can set something up!

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