Festive Downers Grove Session | Wilson Family

March 4, 2021

I’m back with another fantastic milestone session! I was able to catch up with the Wilson family this past December for a beautiful and festive Downers Grove family session! For this session, I met up with the Wilsons at their home, and we got right to work. One thing that I love about their home is how light and bright every room is. It makes it so easy to settle into numerous spots and get gorgeous photos.

We had the added props of their beautiful Christmas decorations for this session, including the family Christmas tree. I loved the matching family jammies and once everybody got changed into them, the session transformed from Downers Grove family session to North Pole family fun.

I have had the pleasure of capturing the Wilson family numerous times over the past few years. Now that Maximus is older, it’s even more special to see that sister/brother bond grow with them. I love watching this family spend time together, especially Olivia and Maximus.

Year Round Festive Downers Grove Sessions for Families

Did you know that I get to shoot festive Downers Grove sessions throughout the year? Okay, while my July sessions might not be festive, I am always shooting photos that will ultimately be used for Christmas cards.

What I love about Downers Grove (and many of the suburbs) because we have cute downtowns that are the perfect backdrop for family photos.

I am fortunate to work with clients, like the Wilsons, who have beautiful homes too. Don’t you just love the Wilson’s front porch photos? Being able to immortalize a front porch is one of my favorite perks of the job. I like to imagine that one day in 40 years, they’ll look back at these photos and cherish having that piece of their family history.

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