The Holiday season is upon us– if you haven’t noticed, some of the stores are even rolling out their Christmas decorations! While many families aren’t necessarily feeling the holiday magic¬†yet, I am so excited that many of my sessions are geared towards holiday cards already! This downtown Western Springs session was a blast with a favorite family of mine. I’ve been able to capture the McCains for a few years now.

It has been so fun watching the McCain children, Charlotte and Logan, grow each year, and this year’s session might be my favorite yet. We set out for downtown Western Springs and spent our time walking around and finding quaint spots along the way.

Downtown Western Springs is such a fun place to shoot. I love that it has the classic downtown area, which is the perfect blend of modern and charming, giving me tons of locations for memorable family photos.

Logan even brought along his special lovey Big Bear, which made its own appearance in a few pictures. I love it when this happens because it makes the pictures even more personal and the session a little more special. Why wouldn’t we include our children’s most prized loveys in family pictures? They are a part of the family, after all!

Jason and Jill took this all in stride, including Logan’s lovey with a smile on their face. The result? A happy boy and beautiful downtown Western Springs pictures.

The McCain’s all planning on using these downtown Western Springs pictures for their holiday cards, but their outfits are neutral enough that these pictures will look beautiful displayed in their home.

Downtown Western Springs is the Perfect Location for Busy Families

Since life can get so busy juggling careers, a social life, and raising children, taking time for family pictures is essential. The McCain’s annual holiday pictures are a great way to create memories even when life is busy.

It is always so much fun to catch up, Jason and Jill! I cannot wait to see your holiday cards!