If you don't already know, I am Summer, owner of Summer Brader Photography based out of Downers Grove Illinois.

I have been in the industry for almost 13 years now, longer if you count my time as a hobbyist. I actually got started after I had my own kids, taking pictures of them as well as images on vacation of landscape and wildlife. After awhile family and friends started asking me to do pictures for them and so it began... I had the opportunity to begin working for a large national newborn company as a photographer in the hospitals, based out of Illinois. As time went on, things changed in my life personally and financially for reasons out of my control. I worked very hard and moved up in the company to become their field operations manager for some years, hiring and training other photographers to do what we did, but I missed working with families and being behind the lens capturing all the moments life had to throw at everyone I had gotten to know as their own families grew. In the fall of 2016 I decided to make the step to branch out and start my own full time photography business offering a variety of sessions for my clients and even classes to teach others in my community how to use their own equipment to it's full potential.

I have three amazing kids of my own that are 19, 17 and 14 with two step kids that are 18 and 16.

We live in Downers Grove and have a house full over here! {not to mention our two little boston fur babies, who are like a newborns themselves!} I am remarried to a great man and we love to do stuff with the kids, hike, travel and just enjoy life {whatever it may be}. One of the best parts of what I do is learning about each one of my clients, their lives, their stories, what makes them different and what they truly enjoy. I try to capture each individuals true personality in our sessions together and love when we keep in touch in between. My style of shooting is a combination of portrait and lifestyle with a clean, classic edit. I want my images to remain timeless and ones that my clients will not feel are dated when they look back at them.

I am a Canon girl! All things Canon.

I can't say why I have a preference for it other than that is what I got started with! I can however use, shoot with and teach on Nikon, Sony and other brands as well though. One of my many talents I guess! I have an obsession with lenses and want them all. My faves are my 70-200mm,  35mm and of course my trusty 50mm in my bag along with them. I always have my second camera body on me in case my main one malfunctions and of course a ton of battery backups and SD cards.

I do pride myself on high quality, great customer service and fast turnaround times on my galleries.

I think first and foremost my clients are #1 and should be treated like they are from start to finish. I look forward to seeing my current clients and getting to know my new ones this upcoming busy season. Start dreaming of your ideal session and contact me to start brainstorming! I love new ideas and doing things outside of the box! {my most favorite session to date so far we were all in a creek and not afraid to get dirty!} So let's hear it and make it happen!




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