There is so much more to your life to show in a photography session, there is your story.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the perfect shot, however I love really getting to know my clients and what makes them THEM. I want you to look back at the images we create together and really remember the moments, the laughs and the snuggles. To be able to look at an image and feel something is what truly makes a session different and unique. This is why I love to become my client’s family photographer, to grow, laugh and love with them, not just be behind the camera for them.


After you book your session with me, we go over everything from the where’s, the what’s and then comes the questions.

I ask these questions to really get to know you and your family. Don’t hold back! I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. This all helps me drive a session you will be able to cherish for generations and feel the emotion in these images years down the road. It will take you back to this time in your life, in this part of your story.


Now, I will be honest, emotionally driven sessions are not easy!

It takes time to get comfortable not being posed and just being in front of the camera. That is why I offer my clients a choice. My 30 minute Petite Portrait sessions are just that, portraits. They are quick, easy and fully directed. My 60 minute Essential Lifestyle + Portrait sessions and 90 minute Complete Lifestyle + Portrait sessions are ones we spend more time together, talking, engaging and creating a time and space just for you and your family. This is where you find your comfort and you relax so I can get each persons personality and the emotion in your shots that you are looking for. You can check out what is available for your sessions here and pick the one that works best for you.


I want to photograph the beauty each person has inside of them.

When you look back at your images, I want you to be hit with emotion and remember the feeling. Once you get your images, you have the option to sit down with me and create your keepsakes. I highly recommend my large canvas wall art groupings or a beautiful album of all your images to save and share down the road. No one will get the feels from an outdated CD or USB… God forbid the images are not still accessible on these formats or from your computer. Your sessions are an investment in your memories and I treat each and every one as just that.

What’s your ideal session? What feeling do you want to remember from right now, this very moment?

Start thinking and dreaming and let’s make it happen.


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