Downers Grove Newborn Photographer | Baby Asher

Downers Grove Newborn Photographer

Hey everyone! Today I’d like you to meet Asher, the adorable son of Leah and Levi. This little prince has only been on Earth for a short period, but he is such a naturally beautiful baby. I absolutely had to take advantage of those good looks during this session.

Seriously — his creamy skin tone, smooth complexion, and natural glow make Asher a serious contender for pretty much any “cute baby contest” in the country!

Seriously — his creamy skin tone, smooth complexion, and natural glow make Asher a serious contender for pretty much any “cute Because I wanted to highlight baby Asher’s good looks, I chose to keep props and background noise to a minimum. I did use (something you used in the shoot) from (vendor name) to help enhance the natural beauty he already has, though!

Little Asher was welcomed by his big brother at 7lbs 4oz at 5:21am at Hinsdale Hospital. Leah chose to use Giovanna Otovalo with Tiny Tusks Doula for her birth. I asked Leah a few questions about her experience we would love to share with you!

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time? He was so tiny and looked exactly like our older son!

What was your favorite part about our session together? How comfortable you made it and just went with the flow. Also, how you included Ari and helped distract him while I was trying to nurse the baby.

How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you nervous or worried before? How did it turn out? It was nice to have the newborn session in our home. I was a bit nervous hoping the baby would cooperate and initially wanted all sleepy baby pics, but love how they turned out even though he was mostly awake for them.

What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? Get them taken within first few days if you want sleepy baby pictures. Being able to relax and go with the flow is also super helpful!

Did you bring a sentimental item to our shoot? If so, what was it and please share why it’s such a special item for you? For our maternity shoot I wore my husband’s grandmother’s ring and our son is named honoring her. 

Do you have other children? How do they react to the baby? What do they like to do together? Do you have any cute stories about their relationship? Ari is just about 7 and absolutely adores his baby brother! He told me he can’t stand how cute he is 🙂 when we first brought Asher home, Ari would get upset almost to the point of tears when Asher would cry.

P.S. I am hoping little Asher and I are going to spend a lot more time together in the coming month’s thanks to my milestone package. Click here to find out more about my maternity, newborn and milestone sessions! I can’t wait to see him again!

See you next time!