The Palac Family is the kind of family you just want to spend time around. Like seriously, Palac’s will you adopt me!? This Downers Grove large family session was overflowing with love. I am so grateful for the chance to capture them.

Val and her siblings wanted to take some time to get family pictures while they all were living somewhat close to each other in Illinois. As we all know, adults’ lives are busy, so carving out this time was a special moment for the Palacs.

I loved spending time with the Palac’s and learning about their special family. From family dinners that turn into all-night rounds of Apples to Apples, you can tell this family wants to be around each other. And you can tell, Dave and Julie love to spend time with their kids.

The only thing they love more than each other is their dogs. Dave and Julie’s dog, Rudy, is the dog that has brought the entire family even closer together.

We set out to find a perfect location that would allow for a group this large to photograph comfortably. This Downers Grove large family session was all about finding a spot for the family to shine. 

These pictures are so beautifully timeless. I hope the Palacs enjoy them for years to come.

Downers Grove Large Extended Family Sessions Make Memories

When many people think of family pictures, I think they have this idea that it has to happen when everybody is still young. It’s true, we see sessions all the time with toddlers and kids. But, don’t sleep on the adult family sessions! This Downers Grove large family session is a great example of updating family portraits to reflect families as they grow and change.

Plus, as this Downers Grove large family session shows us, taking pictures without the pressure of a wedding creates beautifully casual photos. These photos are mementos that families treasure.

If you’re trying to brainstorm a gift for your parents, Downers Grove large family sessions will definitely be a hit.

Thank you so much for the chance to shoot your family, Val. They are an absolute treasure!

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