I had the pleasure of snapping some pictures of the Alder Grove Counseling center in Downers Grove last month. We set out to fill our session with photos that would capture the office, providers, and paint a picture of the space where people are receiving counseling services.

Did you know that Alder Grove Counseling provides therapy services to children and teens in Downers Grove? Their office is filled with engaging and interactive tools for art, play, and child-centered therapy. It has become the preferred practice for families all over Downers Grove.

I set out to capture a variety of images that Alder Grove Counseling Center could use on their promotional resources. I love that they can use these pictures on their website and social media as well. We grabbed some pictures inside as well as capitalized on the natural light from the sunny day. We were also able to grab some casual shots of the providers in their offices, as well as the shared spaces.

I also took some time to photograph the facility, which serves as a great way to show new patients what it looks like, before visiting the center for the first time. Downers Grove residents will know exactly what to expect when they visit the Alder Grove Counseling center, which provides Downers Grove residents with reliable and effective treatment. The space was calm and serene, and these images perfectly captured the environment for future patients.

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If you are looking for a reputable and effective child or family therapy, check out Alder Grove Counseling center!