Do you know the best time of day for a photo session?

One clue: the best time of day for a photo session is not 12pm.

When you’re thinking about scheduling family photos, a rockin’ wardrobe and jaw-dropping location are probably two elements that come to mind right away; however, have you considered the best time of day for a photo session? Does it even matter?

Oh yes, it matters.

It’s totally understandable to want a midday session when everyone is fully caffeinated and ready to take on the world. It’s the “comfortable” time of day for clients, but guess what? Your photographer… not so much. There’s nothing inherently wrong with shooting midday, it’s just not the best time of day for a photo session. The sun (or lack-thereof) is SO GORGEOUS during golden hour that shooting midday almost seems like an opportunity lost.
Feel me?
So many clients ask for midday sessions for this reason. However, any photographer will tell you, midday is not the best time of day for a photo session.

It may not be ideal, but I promise it’s worth it.

The best time of day for a photo session is golden hour. This is early morning (the first hour of light after sunrise) or in the evening an hour or two before sunset. During this time of day, the sun isn’t blinding (causing everyone to awkwardly squint as they smile for the camera). The natural light will be soft, diffused, and glowing. This gorgeous spread of ambient light will flatter skin tones, soften hair, and all of the nature surrounding you during your session. This look is what so many clients want, but may not realize how critical session times are in order to get it right. Shooting at 3 or 4pm won’t get it and… showing up even 15 minutes late to a session may cause you to lose it. That light is so beautiful, but oh so brief. The best time of day for a photo session is the most gorgeous!

If you absolutely must have a midday session, we can still be friends.

Together, we can make some adjustments and still have a gorgeous session minus the golden glow. We will choose a phenomenal location with a generous shade and the best lighting situation possible. Please keep in mind, shooting around high noon can create harsh lighting, dark shadows, and a flat look overall. I will be happy to show you the distinct difference between midday shots and golden hour shots. You can also use Google to find a plethora of information, too.
It’s my desire for you to have a gorgeous session amplified by the perfect lighting scenario. It will be the buttercream frosting on your session. Promise.

And one more thing…

Your photo session is about you, and we’re going to make sure that the day is the best possible scenario for you and your family. Shooting at my studio or indoors at your home are also options that I’m happy to offer you. At the end of the day, this is your session and it has to work for you.

I’m looking forward to chasing light with you. If you’re ready to schedule your session or chat about scheduling a session, let’s do that. Message me!


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