Why you should choose me as your photographer

Over 16 years ago when I first started in photography I thought there were a lot of photographers. HA! I had NO idea what A LOT OF PHOTOGRAPHERS looked like. There are SOOOOO many photographers today for clients to choose from. A big part of that is due to technology and all of the education that is right at people’s fingertips so the learning curve for all things are at the click of a button (ps if you’re a photographer that is newer… be SOOO thankful for this because 16 years ago…. people weren’t so willing to share and educate other photographers). I can say that I take full advantage of the education and resources out there because I believe one can never stop learning… one can only get better and better so that’s what I do every day/month/year. I get better so that I can serve YOU better!!!

So that brings me to if there are ALL these photographers out there… why should you chose me, Summer Brader Photography to be you photographer over all the other photographers out there? Well I’m going to give you a few reasons why. Let’s go!

You should choose me as your photographer

You should choose me if you love my images, feel like we would have an amazing time together and you value photography. It is more than just the images you receive. It is also the experience and the way you feel when you are with me and in front of my camera. I WANT YOU to have the most amazing photography experience, that is why I am so adamant about you finding the right fit FOR YOU!

I care so much about you professionally and personally

I care that you have an experience that when we are done, you walk away and loved every aspect of it. I care that you get a full gallery of images that take your breath away. I care you walk away being able to look back on each moment, even if that means you have to choose your images out of even more than you expected. I put my all into everything I do for you. Every time.

Who can have too many friends

I may call you my clients… but you are all so much more than that. You become my friends… my family. I really do love and care about you and am honored to document your life as it unfolds. I want you to feel like I am ‘that’ friend that shows up to love on you, serve you and capture you beautifully, the way you are. I care about the details of your life and what’s going on.

I really have been doing photography for a long time

I expect nothing less than consistency and excellence in each life I document. Sure, I try new things when it comes to posing, locations and shooting every now and then… {who wants to stay stagnant with no change or improvement?!} but I can say without a shadow of doubt that you know what you are getting from me when you hire me as your photographer. Every time.

I really do love what I do

It is such an honor to document people’s lives and I do not take this responsibility lightly! I am so thankful and grateful to all those who have trusted me to photograph them the past 15 years. I am so excited to see who I get to meet and photograph the next 15+ years!

If I sound like someone you want to document your memories email me! I would LOVE to chat with you.

If, for whatever reason, I don’t seem like your perfect fit and you’d love help finding someone that is… again EMAIL ME! I really do mean it when I said I want you to have an amazing photography experience and would LOVE to help you find a photographer that is the perfect fit for you… don’t let more time slip by without documenting it.

Be silly. Be fun.

Be different. Be authentic.

Be YOU, because life is too short to be anything else.

It is… Your Life. Your Story.

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