Working with the Belloli Family was something else! Their shoot happened late November, for Christmas Cards and fun, new, family photos! Each member of the family really brought their best sides out, and the photos turned out fantastic!

Brian and Julie’s couple pictures were so adorable, and when the girls got in the mix, it was almost too much! They had so much joy and happiness for each shot, it was hard to choose the best ones! Quinn and Paige were just naturals at taking pictures, and even amped up the adorableness for the shots with props, like Paige and her donkey!

Of all the pictures from the session, my favorites are the candid ones, where the family has a good time together and isn’t posed! I especially love the one where the girls are laying in the blanket together with Brian and Julie holding each side. The Belloli Family really brought their joy and happiness to this session, and that made it all the better! I know I say this often, but this is why I love doing these Children & Family photo sessions! Being able to see families love each other and have fun, and being able to capture it for them makes this all worth it.

The color scheme of their outfits really stands out against the fall foliage in the background, and it makes the photos that much better! Perfect for both Christmas Cards and hallway photos!

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XO Summer