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So, it is your last as a high school senior. Now what?

As your high school years wind down to a close, it’s easy to feel like each semester and every day goes by faster and faster. But don’t let high school pass you by, be sure to make the most of your last days before college by creating your own senior year bucket list full of things you want to do or accomplish by graduation day.


Sit with a new group of people at lunch. High school can be cliquey, but you don’t have to let the unofficial lunch table social groups always dictate where you sit and your life. Branch out one day by sitting with someone who’s totally outside your group, whether it’s your class partner, a new friend or someone on your team.


Say ‘Yes’ to everything for one day. Within reason, of course, but answering in the affirmative to every request and invitation for a day is a great way in thinking and acting positively. You might finding yourself saying “yes” more often afterwards and opening yourself up to new people and opportunities!


Plan an epic promposal. When it comes to prom, there’s practically no such thing as going overboard. Until you get engaged, it’s your only opportunity to declare your affection for someone in a super-fun, completely over-the-top way. And you never know, it could go viral on YouTube!


Make a sincere apology to someone you hurt during high school. We’ve all made mistakes in high school and done or said something that we regretted afterwards. Let someone in your life, whether it’s a former friend, ex-person or family member, know that you you’re sorry with a heartfelt apology letter or email.


Create your resume. Before you graduate, make sure to put together your experiences, awards and achievements in a polished resume. You’ll need it as a starting point in college when you start really building up your work experience.


Write a letter to your best friend. And tell them to open it one year in the future. He or she will appreciate looking back at your friendship and remembering the good old times when you two have been apart for a year at college.


Have a ‘Senior Year’ movie marathon. The glory of senior year has been immortalized in countless teen movies, from ’80s John Hughes flicks to “Can’t Hardly Wait” to “American Pie” to High School Musical 3: Senior Year.” Find copies of a few favorites and invite your friends over for a night of movie marathoning.


Tell your favorite teacher, counselor or dean how much they meant to you. All of us have at least one teacher who’s have a profound impact on us. Before you graduate, make sure you let that teacher know how much they influenced you, trust me, they’ll appreciate it.


Get those professional senior photos done! You know the ones that REALLY show who you are right now and your personality. Find a photographer you click with and that is open to your ideas. So much is about to change and so are you. Be sure to freeze this pivotal time in your life while you can… Want to find out more about my senior sessions check them out here or contact me!