For some of us, preparing our partner for the family photo session is as exhausting as preparing the kids.

If your partner is happy-go-lucky about photo day, that’s excellent and you are lucky! If you’re dealing with someone who’s reluctant, however, then here are some things you can do to help:

  • Warn your partner that the kids will probably be crazy or freak out and that he should prepare themselves for that. Let your partner know that it will still be fine and to try not to get overwhelmed or worried.

  • Let your partner know that the more helpful they are in getting themselves and the kids ready, the less stressed you will be and the less chance of an argument between you arising. Keep things as normal as possible and relaxed. This will set the tone of your session.
  • Remind your partner that the session is only a half hour or an hour and then it will all be over. This way, they’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel and can stick it out.

  • If your partner is being difficult, bribe them to cooperate during the session as well. If it works for the kiddos, it may very well work for them! (You don’t have to tell me what you used as a bribe… hahaa)
  • And most importantly – remind your partner that you love them (and that they love you, and that’s why they are cooperating with this). Tell your partner how much you appreciate their support and cooperation in this, and how pleased you are going to be with the finished photos.

And for you? I have the most common questions asked HERE, this way you can have all the answers for your partner when they ask, and we both know they will!