5 Poses for Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture the first few weeks of a new baby’s life. The poses you choose can make a big difference in the final images. As a professional photographer, I’ve found that there are five must-have poses for newborn lifestyle photography. In this blog post, I’ll share those poses and tips on how to capture them.

  1. The Swaddle Wrap

The swaddle wrap is a classic pose for newborn photography. It’s a great way to show off the baby’s delicate features and capture their peaceful sleep. To capture this pose, I start by wrapping the baby snugly in a soft, breathable blanket. Place them on their back on a flat surface, such as a bed or a soft rug. Make sure their face is visible and not covered by the blanket. You can experiment with different wraps and colors to add variety to your images.


  1. The Tushy-Up Pose

The tushy-up pose is another popular pose for newborn photography. This pose shows off the baby’s squishy, scrunched body and can be a great way to capture their personality. To capture this pose, start by placing the baby on their tummy with their legs tucked under their body. Support their head and neck with a rolled-up blanket or a pillow. This pose works best when the baby is in a deep sleep, so this shot is not always captured depending on your baby.


  1. It’s in the Details

The detail shots are something we can’t ever forget. It’s a beautiful way to capture the baby’s tiny hands, feet, ears, even the precious hair swirl on the top of their little heads. Get in nice and close and get all the pieces of your new baby that you don’t want to forget.


  1. The Parent Snuggle Pose

The parent snuggle pose is a heartwarming way to capture the bond between a newborn and their parents. To capture this pose, have the parents hold the baby close to their chest, with their faces touching. This pose can be done with both parents or with just one. Make sure to capture the emotions and expressions on the parents’ faces as well.


  1. The Sibling Pose

If the newborn has siblings, including them in the photos can be a wonderful way to capture the family dynamic. To capture this pose, have the siblings sit or lie down next to the baby, with their arms around them. Make sure the siblings are comfortable and safe around the newborn. This pose can create some of the most memorable and cherished images from the session.


These five poses are a great starting point for any newborn lifestyle photography session. As a professional photographer, it’s important to be patient and work with the baby’s natural movements and personality to capture the best possible shots. By experimenting with different poses and styles, you can create a beautiful and unique images. And if you’re in the Downers Grove area, be sure to reach out to me, Summer Brader Photography for your newborn photography session.