5 AWESOME things happening in July!

Hinsdale head shot outdoors white brick

Summer Brader Photography your Downtown Downers Grove Photographer

I’ve got so many fun things happening over here in the month of July starting with…

1️⃣ My monthly Head Shot Happy Hour in my downtown Downers Grove studio! If you’ve ever hung out with me during my monthly Head Shot Happy Hour then you have a good idea of what to expect: 30 minutes of professional makeup {optional and extra} and then a professional head shot to use on your resume or social media at a discounted price!  You get 3 to choose from in your gallery. Imagine it as an evening away {even bring a friend and grab a drink after} while you get all ready and have the best image to showcase YOU. I’ll see you there!


headshots in downtown downers grove studio

2️⃣ My new Rock Your Shots classes come out this month!! Per your request {and the fact that the in person classes are always the most popular} I’ve created classes for everyone and every level! The Rock Your Shot classes will be being announced end of July!  You can check out what I will be offering and the class outlines HERE I will still be hosting monthly in person classes in my studio for those that are local and learn better this way, but I will be offering online classes and even one on one Q&A calls. What can you expect us to talk about in these classes? I walk you through the basic functions of your camera step-by-step and have you taking control in no time. Whether you’re using a DSLR, mirrorless, or other creative dial camera {able to shoot in manual}, I encourage you to come and learn with me in my Rock Your Shots digital photography classes. I hold my in person classes monthly in my downtown Downers Grove studio, as well as offering online self paced classes for those that can not make it in person. One on one mentoring and workshops are held separately, contact me for more information. Look for details on social media this month about where to subscribe or follow along on the BLOG to be the first to get updates.

3️⃣ Speaking of July, this is the time to get beach sessions done! I’m over the moon about the fact that so many of you have already shown interest in heading to the city for beach and skyline session! I’m super excited to meet all of you down there for my July 29th lifestyle mini beach sessions and laugh our faces off at the beach!! If you’re interested in having a beach/skyline mini lifestyle session click here for more info and book yours!

4️⃣ Another big thing happening in my world this July? Water! Water sessions that is. Some of our favorite sessions have been getting wet and even a little dirty! I am booking sessions in and around creeks, rivers and lakes while the weather is warm and we can get in there and play! If this sounds different to you… it is! But the results are fantastic and really show your family having some unstructured fun in nature. What’s not to love?!

5️⃣ And last but not least? Who doesn’t love puppies or dogs? I am a dog person with a new addition to our family and we have had some interesting trials and tribulations that we have had to learn about and overcome. SO, what does this mean for any of my fellow dog people? New blog posts about everything pup love. From training tips to homemade dog food, we will be sharing it all. The funny, annoying and beyond is about to be unleashed. {No pun intended!} And of course pictures from yours truly of our new baby and my clients as well! Be on the lookout for some great info and to see if you recognize any of these little love bugs!

OK, phew! There is a ton of stuff going on this month and I hope you’ll join me for all {or at least some} of it!

Have a great week friends!